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    Keeping movies files/memory small

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      In order to keep a movie file and memory usage as small as possible, is it possible to close external casts and open others at certain points in the movie? I suppose that while an external cast is open it is eating up memory. For example, I have Voice Overs for each chapter. Each Voice Over file is 40 Megabytes, (and that is very compressed). When one chapter is complete, can I close the external VO cast for that chapter and open another in the same movie? It has to be the same movie. The way I have everything set up, my main movie is very long and contains several elements. And that is my next question, just how long is too long? Is it possible to have 25,000 frames in a movie with 50 channels?
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          I don't know about this, but why don't you make your project a series of linked movies instead of one big one. Using the 'jump to movie' behavior works so well in my project ... over 350 very small movies (with quality sound) all linked ... some with jump back behaviors too.

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            Well I have all this MIAW action. From the main movie you may open one of several different MIAWs and the main movie will stay where it is (it asks questions (200) for you to answer and keeps a running score). I had it set up as separate MIAWs within one small movie, but because of the interface "the Man" wanted I can't seem to figure out how that can possible be done. I have a dropdown menu in the middle of the screen and if it opens over a MIAW then that MIAW disappears behind the main movie - can't have that. So all the questions, which are below the menu have to be in the same movie as the menu so that the menus can open on top of the questions. So it looks like I'm going to have one LONG movie. I could tell it to open another movie when it gets to a certain point - a movie that looks exactly like the preceeding one except the questions are different. I don't know how that would look there might be a screen flicker while the new movie opens.
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              Your problem with your file size could be resolved by preloading the specific cast member when needed then unloading it after.

              To unload the member (this frees up any ram it was using) place this at the end of a file or on a button,

              Member( the cast member you want to unload).unload