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    Flex 2 vs. Ajax?

      Has anyone compared Adobe Flex and Ajax? We're trying to decide which technology to use for a new development project. Any experience/advice you have to share might help speed our decision along.

      Here's a little context: We plan to modernize some older client/server (Powerbuilder) apps in our call center by moving them to the web. There are about 200 screens; lots of client-side validation, many screens are dynamic based on user role. Need to support quite a bit of heads-down data entry and some data has to be pushed to the client (real-time updates). Several hundred users.

      Thanks in advance for any advice/experience you can share,
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          Flex utilizes AJAX, AJAX isnt a product or system so your question is kinda meh. If you could say provide the other applications or "Frameworks" your comparing that would be easier. If your idea of AJAX is using say Javascript libraries(that provide AJAX functionality) in conjunction with HTML and other more standard web technologies then I would say it really depends on what your using and how your using it. Provide some more specific examples :)

          AJAX= Asynchronous Java and XML (see thats lots of stuff)
          Flex = Adobe system that utilizes Ajax(and Voodoo)
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            davidmedifit Level 1
            The key word in here for me was "powerbuilder". I'd say go with with Flex, and here's why:

            If you want enterprise level applications, that deliver an experience to the user that best mimics the desktop experience, while taking advantage of all the web has to offer (no desktop downloads / Centralized source control, etc) - use Flex.

            Your users will have asynchronous access to date - that is to say, one part of the application can change without refreshing the entire screen.

            If you wanted to create a mostly HTML (content, for example) site, and you wanted a few bells and whistles to ease the users navigation on the app, then integrate some AJAX into your HTML based app.

            I would argue, strongly, against creating a fully functional, enterprise application to replace a desktop powerbuilder app, for many reasons. Code maintenance, browser integration (or lack, there of)...I can go on more, if you need me to.

            I'd be interested in getting your reaction.


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              peterent Level 2
              We don't consider a "Flex vs. AJAX" question; we consider them cooperating technologies. Here's a link to more information about our Flex-AJAX Bridge: