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    Making DVD of movie projects.

    Premere 11

      I can not burn a Dvd that will be in a playback format it only burn to a file format.

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          Premere 11 Level 1

          Why cain't I make a playable DVD?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Premiere 11


            Let us explore your issue.


            Can we assume that you are using Premiere Elements 11, and, if so, on what computer operating system?


            What exacting is your burn to issue

            a. Click Publish+Share/Disc/DVD and program crashes

            b. After hitting Burn in the burn dialog....the progress bar stops at Encoding menus, Encoding media, Compiling Media, or Burning? And, are there error messages associated with the progress bar display?

            c. Does the burn to DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc go to completion, but the disc will not play on your TV's DVD player or via a computer program?


            And, depending on all that, we need to back up to

            a. What are the properties of your source media?

            b. What are you setting as your project preset?

            c. What is the size of this project...photos (how many and what pixel dimensions), video (format including file extension)


            Is your issue the "it worked before but not now" type or the type "it never worked before"?


            You wrote that you can take your Timeline to file. But....can you burn to folder, if not burn to disc? That is important information.


            Can you take the VIDEO_TS Folder from the burn to folder to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with the ImgBurn program.



            Let us start here and then decide what next.





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              Premere 11 Level 1

              Thank you for responding. 


              I am usig Premier Elements 11 and the operatig system if Windows 8 Pro.


              In previous years, I have used earlier versions of Premier Elements.  When I changed my operatig system to Windows 8 Pro it would not work with my older version. 


              Previously, I had uploaded into my computer DVD's that had been converted from VHS tapes. 


              Premier Elements 11 recognized the uploaded file and placed it on the timeline.  I edited and finished the project and burned it to a DVD.  The result, after several hours waiting for my project to be finished, was a DVD in a folder format.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                If you have the folder from the Premiere Elements burn to folder (4.7 GB), then the next step to your goal of a DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc playable on your TV's DVD player is:


                Download and install of the free ImgBurn program


                Importing into it ONLY the VIDEO_TS Folder from that saved folder from the Premiere Elements burn to folder


                and have ImgBurn burn that VIDEO_TS Folder to DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc in the correct Disc file system. The details for that are in the link provided



                If you are having problems with the ImgBurn phase of this project, please let us know, and we will help you by fine tuning whatever details need fine tuning.


                Might I ask why you are not just burning to disc, instead of burning to folder, in Premiere Elements?


                On the Windows 8 matter, I have Windows 8 64 bit and have not had any problems installing (from disc) versions as early as 8.0/8.0.1 ...have not yet tried version 7 on that Window 8 64 bit.


                Please let us know how we might help further.





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                  I see all of the emails and I don't if the one addressed to Premere 11 is addressed to me Max Jones or some one else. The answers seem to aply to my problen of burning a DVD for playback on TV.

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                    I left out the word (KNOW)

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      Premere 11


                      I am not sure about your last post. We are all responding in this thread to the person with the ID of Premere 11. That is the only name that I know of as the originator of this thread. Until now there was no mention of anyone by the name of Max Jones associated with this thread. I am assuming that you used the ID = Premere 11 when you registered at the Adobe Forums.


                      So, yes all that you see in this thread is our way of trying to help you resolve your specific problem that you posted using the ID of Premere 11.


                      Are any of the troubleshooting suggestions working for you?



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                        Premere 11 Level 1

                        I am 77 years of age and this project is so important to me that I get very nervious. I looked at the web site. Do I download it into a certain folder? Thank you  

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If you are talking about downloading Imgburn, you download to ANY folder of your choice, and then use Windows Explorer (File Manger in Win8) to go to that folder and double click on the program download to install the program


                          I keep a TEMP folder on my hard drive for all downloads - C:\TEMP


                          If you don't know how to create a folder, search for Microsoft help at http://search.microsoft.com/search.aspx?mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7

                            Premere 11


                            Just so that there will be no misunderstanding that will give you unnecessary work and concerns,


                            If you have Premiere Elements 11 on Windows, can you take your Timeline and burn it to a DVD disc in DVD-VIDEO format using




                            Burn to: Disc

                            with Presets set = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD

                            (the exact setting will depend if you are in Europe or elsewhere with a PAL set up or USA or elsewhere with a NTSC set up)


                            If you can get your end product that way, then do not bother with the Burn to: Folder (4.7 GB) route.


                            But, if have problems with the burn to disc and have to use the burn to folder...

                            a. download and install the Img Burn program....use the defaults that are suggested, but be sure to use an option that will get you a desktop icon for it.


                            Please review the above and then we will troubleshoot and advise accordingly.





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                              Premere 11 Level 1

                              I think earlier you ask why did I not burn to a disk instead to a folder. The procedure I have used is, I open the publish & share icon  in Premere 11 and select burn to disk and it always burns on the disk in a file just like the file on the CPU harddrive.

                              When I download the ImbBurn VIDEO_TS Folder where do I put it?

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                                Premere 11 Level 1

                                I thank you all for helping me and I want to report that I feel good about the fact that after a year of trying to resolve my problem I now have new hope. However I am sorry that I am so mentally tired and that must step back for a little while.

                                I shall go and cut my yard before it gets any hotter. I hope you are not offended. Thank you so very much for your understanding. Max Jones of Nashville TN.

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                                  Premere 11


                                  When you burn to disc in Premiere Elements (Publish+Share/Disc/DVD burn to disc), you end up with the Timeline content now on the DVD disc in the DVD-VIDEO format which is playable on your TV's DVD Player.


                                  Before you play that DVD, if you open in the computer, you will see that it contains two folders, one named OpenDVD and the other named VIDEO_TS. That VIDEO_TS Folder is the exact same folder as the VIDEO_TS that you will be getting from the Premiere Elements burn to folder route.


                                  The important thing is to have that VIDEO_TS on a DVD disc is the correct disc file system. Your burn to disc gives you that. But, all you have is the VIDEO_TS from the burn to folder, you need to get that VIDEO_TS on a DVD disc with that correct disc file system. For that you need ImgBurn to get that disc file system detail taken care of.


                                  Back to your question....


                                  Open ImgBurn by clicking on the desktop icon that you have selected to put there during the install. You should see the following. Select "Write files/folder to disc".


                                  Next, click on File Menu/Browse for a source folder, and browse to and select your VIDEO_TS Folder that you have saved to the computer hard drive. Remember, you are going to use only that from the burn to folder folder.



                                  Also refer to the how to use ImgBurn instructions that I have already posted.


                                  The Build button (that you use to start the burn process) will not be active until you put the DVD disc in the burner tray.


                                  There will be a point toward the end of the ImgBurn route where the burner tray will automatic open and close. That is normal. Soon after its does it final tasks, you should get a message that the burn has completed successfully.


                                  Please let us know what other information you seek on this.





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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                                    Premere 11


                                    Thanks for the update.


                                    It is an excellent idea to take a break. In the long run, it makes everything work smoother as you advance refreshed.