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    "Elf-Yourself" Cut-out Image Character




      There are many applications that allow a user to upload (or take) a photo, resize it, and then view their image superimposed on a pre-selected video.


      I have watched  Serge Jespers' article about creating the video HERE , but am still puzzled about how to resize the image (well), and how to export or create a compiled video that can be shared socially. Does anyone have any resources about how to do this? Of course, a source file would be great too.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          use the scaleX and scaleY properties to resize the uploaded image and you don't recompile your video with the image.  you just display the video in a swf with the image overlaying the video. 


          you can share the swf or link to the swf.

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            Thank you. I did finally figure out the resize, crop, and placement of the jpg in the movie clip.


            However, the project was stopped upon learning that this process is (believe it or not) patented by a company called PixFusion. The popular sites (JibJab, etc.) that use this process liscence the use of it from them.


            Below is the link to Pixfusion's site, and the actual patent itself.


            For everyone's information, they settled in 2007 with OfficeMax (ElfYourself) for six figures, and when I personally called them, they quoted to me five figure amount that was out of my budget. Hope this save others the effort in developing an app, only to be able not to use it.


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