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    Centering project on stage when using Edge Commons Adaptive Layouts

    CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

      I have successfully put together a project using Simon Widjaja's Edge Commons Adaptive layouts but I can't successfully get layouts to center on stage, 3 different layouts.


      - In a different test project, I used $("#Stage").css("margin","auto"); in compositionReady and that centered on stage.

      - I also saved a simple edge animation using Edge Commons centering coding: EC.centerStage(sym);

      and this worked.

      - BUT the Edge Commons centering coding OR margin,auto code doesn't seem to work for me with the Edge Commons Adaptive Layouts work.

      - I assume that I might need to refer to currentAdaptiveLayout in compositionReady and tell that to center.

      Here is a link to coding from Simon's Github page that might have clues.

      https://github.com/simonwidjaja/EdgeCommons/blob/master/yuidoc/documentation/files/.._src_ modules_Core_Core.js.html

      I am going to go ahead and post this, but will trouble shoot again tomorrow, my eyes are glazing over.


      Thank you for any input.

      Cindy J-H