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    Captivate 7 just died


      I've been using Captivate 7 for about three weeks, but yesterday it just died. When I execute the application file there is nothing happening at all. I have started Task Manager and it seems that the process runs for about half a second before disappearing. I cannot use the project file either as the same thing happens. I am running Captivate 7 on a Windows XP PC with a 500Gb HDD, 4Gb ram and a LAN connection. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it to no avail, and frankly, the Adobe Technical Support is pretty dire. Has anyone else here suffered a catastrophic failure of Ver 7, if so, did they resolve it and how.


      I have all my project files locally as I know the issues when saving over a network. 



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          Gray Susan Level 2

          I had this happen on an XP machine and Adobe help said CP7 wasn't meant to be used on an XP machine.  Also did you activate your software?  If you've just been logging in without activating it your time is up and you'll need them to help you activate it.  We had problems with activation and had it quit working after about 3 weeks.



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            Essex_Rider Level 1

            Update: My company made a change to some power saving software across every PC and made a change to the registry. They've rolled back and Captivate is working again. I did activate the product but I have a horrible suspicion that it might fail again in time because I couldn't deactivate the software before reinstalling it. I use a few Adobe products, and to be honest, they need to get their act together regarding support and bug fixes pretty quickly beause we've started actively looking at alternatives.

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              VikramGaur Adobe Employee



              Please share your contact information on tcssup@adobe.com and we will contact you.




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