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    Search for string and replace with frame break


      Hello there,


      We're using an InDesign CS6 Server for creating print data. The problem relates to our documents that consist of several connected text frames.



      The texts are exported from our database into InDesign via xml and so some automated editing in javascript. These texts contaion several paragraphs with headlines. Sometimes after the import the layout just looks bad, because the first textfield contains the fist paragraph and the headline of the second paragraph including some lines of text. Sometimes this behaviour is desired and sometimes not.



      We definde the string #*# to be our placeholder for line breaks. During the creation of the xml this string gets replaced by unicode for the hard line break (


      Desired Solution:

      This workaround has some disadvantages and we want our placeholder string to be translated to a frame break.


      Until now I have neither found any definition for the unicode translation of the frame break nor a script based solution that just replaces this string with a frame break. any help is appreciated.