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    External SWF linkage (from library) in _parent movie

    Andreq85 Level 1

      Here is the deal :

      I got an swf with symbol in is library with linkage id. This is the "external.swf" file. What I'm trying to do is to load this swf into "loader.swf" and use the linkage id to set a skin on my button component.

      The thing is, to set the skin I must use linkage id (I can't use external files). I could put the symbol in the "loader.swf" but I want to be able to change skin in actionscript by loading "external.swf" or "external2.swf"...

      I know my costum skin work. If I put the symbol in the same .swf as the code looking for the linkage id it work...but if I load my "external.swf" I can't use any of it's linkage id.

      here is the "loader.swf" code :

      monLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
      monLoader.loadClip("external.swf", nothing); //nothing is an empty mc on the stage

      monLoader.onLoadInit = function(target){
      mx.controls.Button.prototype.falseUpSkin = "BlueButtonUpSkin"; // Those are the linkage id inside "external.swf"
      mx.controls.Button.prototype.falseDownSkin = "BlueButtonDownSkin";
      mx.controls.Button.prototype.falseOverSkin = "BlueButtonOverSkin";
      mx.controls.Button.prototype.falseDisabledSkin = "BlueButtonDisabledSkin";

      and my external.swf library look like this

      MC - BlueButtonUpSkin > Linkage : BlueButtonUpSkin, export for AC/ First-frame
      MC - BlueButtonDownSkin> Linkage : BlueButtonDownSkin, export for AC/ First-frame

      do you have any clue on how I could use the externaly loaded swf linkage identifier ? or can I ?