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    stereoscopic 3D text

    Toon&Beeld Level 1

      I am using Cineform and Premiere Pro CS6.
      The parallax plugin from cineform works not for 100%. I aksed, no support for this
      OpenGL option and exporting the footage is oké !


      S3D text is my problem.


      Making S3D text in AE needs een speciscial version voor each export you make ( so it seems).

      The camera S3D files / the project in PrPro are / is  flexible: Only set the Cineform status viewetr to SbS or Anagliph and you get wat you want.

      But wat about the text? How can I put these in the PrPro psoject with the same flexibility?

      And also: I like to have for the text too the Open GL from nVidia 3D vision.


      Plaese help me out !?

      Thanks, Toon