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    Crashes when closing a sequence

    ScubaBadger Level 1

      Over the last two days - PP CC completely crashes when I have a project open with multiple sequences open. It will sit there just fine if I don't touch it. It will also allow me to work on a sequence and save it, but the instance I click on the closure cross in a sequence tab - the programme crashes.


      Go to a point now where I have nearly every sequence in a large project open - and I need to close some...


      13:07 - Now noted that after multiple crashes - I no longer have to click on the closure cross on a tab - clicking on a tab to swicth to it now causes the crash.


      13:14 - Really unable to work on any project now;


      Time for a cup of tea then...

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I'm not seeing that behavior here.  Opening, closing and switching sequences works fine.


          Unfortunately, the only idea I have is possibly a corrupt project.  Have you tried other projects?

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            ScubaBadger Level 1

            Hi Jim


            During a bunch of crashes I was able to one by one close tabs and reduce the number open.

            The sequenes that were immediate "crash" instances - more so were the sequences with nested tracks on them.


            One nested sequence that is open and I am not wanting to close at this time is working fine.


            I can save the project, and re-open it without issue. Thankfully - the main nested sequences I have now more or less finalised it edit and should not need to open them again.


            It will be a ppain if I do need to though!


            Other projects seem to open fine - though none of the others I have available hhave nested sequences in them so its a tad false...


            I'm up and running again - which is the most important thing...