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    importing epubs to Kobo readers hub App


      Please help! my Kobo (through Readers Hub app) on Galaxy P1000 is not importing my new book bought online from Kobo. I have transferred this epub book from PC documents folder to tablet via USB and is in 'my files' folder on tab but not the kobo app library. When I open the app library and select import I have to unselect the 9 books that are already on my library list and leave the new book selected. Select import- it gets to 100% and then a box comes up to say something went wrong and we cant import all your items---- I only want 1 book added to library??? Have also noticed when it selects files from memory card some books have doubled up. How do I delete multiples of the same book. I am a newbie so please can you explain in simple terms. Thanks in advance. P.S. do I need a sim card or Wi Fi connection to import to an app.?????