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    Save as pdf deleted bookmarks when combining pdf-files



      when I save several books each to a pdf-file with save as pdf (or printing to .ps and converting afterwards), the bookmarks are deleted when I combine the pdf-files with Acrobat. Only one bookmark for the 1st. file exists in the new pdf-file.

      The reference of the bookmarks in the original generated file is e.g. "g3.619626".

      These references are not anymore available in the combined files.

      I've tried several settings before saving as pdf but nothing helped.

      Ther are no problems of combining ordinary pdf-files with bookmarks if they are generated by other programs then Framemaker.


      I need to combine files as well within a book, as "save to pdf" is not able, to generate one file with different pages sizes. I then need to generate a separate pdf-file of the pages with the for e.g. bigger page size and combine it afterwards.


      In that project I'm working there will over all something between 1000 and 1500 pages from maybe 10 books with hunderts of bookmarks plus additionally separete pfd files to combine. So it's not an option to treat every bookmark before combining the pdf-files.


      My system is FM11.02.384 / Acrobat Pro 11.0.3 / Windows 7 64 Bit