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    Help With Script That Apply Blend Mode:Multiply To All Graphic

    boris_m25 Level 1



      I need some help with script...after i select some pictures instead of pressing SHIFT + ESC and applying effect manually with mouse  i  want script to do it automaticlly.


      if someone have some guide or links i will be very grateful.


      EDIT: maybe i didn't explain good enough, so after place some image in indesign i want that  the script , create "Graphic Effect"  (Transparency > Mode > Multiply) - as is in the video







      var myDoc = app.select(app.activeWindow.activePage.allGraphics);



      myDoc.contentTransparencySettings.blendingSettings.FindChangeBlendingSetting.BlendMode.mul tiply;



      i get the error "undefined is not an object"