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    Multiple Audio Track Import Problem in Premiere Pro CC


      Every time I import a video (AVI Captured from a Sony HDCAM Deck through Blackmagic Teranex 2D and a Blackmagic Capture card) that has multiple audio tracks into Premiere Pro CC, it's working fine, the audio tracks are correct. Then, some time later (I'm unable to pinpoint when exactly because sometimes it happens after 1 minute, sometimes after half an hour, etc.) the first audio track gets replicated on all the others.
      I've resorted to exporting the audio as .wav files to avoid having this horrible problem. But even when I'm exporting them as wav files, sometimes this bug happens and I have to shut down my PC and turn it back on to get it back to the original track state. Once, I had to shut down my pc 10 times in the same sitting to export 4 tracks. It's really frustrating.. I never used to have this problem in Premiere CS6, is this a known issue? Is there any solution for it?