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    Source Sequence to Timeline Editing Bugs?


      Hi. I'm new to PP and I've run into a couple of issues when editing from a sequence loaded into the source viewer. (i.e KEM roll style editing) I'm using 7.0.1


      First problem - with the timeline set to Insert or Overwrite sequences as nests everything works fine (although i don't really see the purpose of working this way). Mostly you would want to "Insert or Overwrite as individual clips", but when i overwrite a clip the timeline ignores my in and out points which effectively means you can't do a three point edit. There's another strange bug that when you Insert the playhead jumps way off screen instead of staying at the end of the inserted clip.


      Second problem - "Replace with clip from Source Monitor" and "Replace with clip from Source Monitor, Match Frame" only replaces with the nested clip, is there no way to replace with the original clip? BTW, would be great if you could map a keyboard shortcut for this command as well?