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    I am trying to add an object to a video.




      I am editing a video which is seen through the windshield of a car.  The car(V1) is following a path taken by an accident victim.  What I am trying to do is insert the back of the other vehicle (V2) at the point of impact.  I have cripped the picture of the other vehicle and placed into the composition at the point of impact.  Now what I want to do, is set the position as permanent for (V2) then scale back as I rewind the video.  My end result should be (V1) travelling forward and (V2), which is stationary, getting larger in size as (V1) approaches.  The path of (V1) is straight.  Is this possible in AE CS5.5?  If so how do I do it?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make the back of the car a 3D layer. Add a camera. Animate the camera so the motiion looks right.


          Another option, track something in the frame that is in the same plane as the back of the car. Track scale. Apply the tracked scale information to the back of the car layer.


          A better way to get better suggestions. Post a screenshot of the video or better yet, upload the video to You-tube and let us see what you are trying to do.