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    Unable to progress - Photoshop CC LevelUp Game

    Tero Makela Level 1

      Hello everyone.


      So my problem is this. I'm unable to progress in the 13th mission of the LevelUp for Photoshop game. In this mission, I get stuck at the Step 2 of 4, in which I am supposed to use the Quick Selection Tool to select the flower in the sample photo given by the game. However, when I do this nothing happens and I am pretty sure I have the whole white flower selected with the tool. In the earlier missions, the steps have always moved forward automatically when I've completed the criteria for a step(for example cropping an image), and this is the first time it doesn't happen.


      So, I'm tad confused. Could it be because I'm using a Finnish version of the Photoshop CC, so the LevelUp game doesn't recognize the tool? I find this option unlikely though, as I haven't had this kind of issue with the earlier missions. The Photoshop CC I am using is also the 30-day free trial version I downloaded through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Any chances this might cause the issue?


      Any ideas and advice is appreciated!


      And in case it might be of any interested. I downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud from www.adobe.com and the LevelUp Game from http://success.adobe.com/microsites/levelup/index.html