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    Looking to set the result of a variable based on the content of another (new to scripts)




      I'm new to scripts, new to acrobat forms to be honest, so be gentle with me


      I have a text field Acc1pnt which can accept either Y or N as an entry. Based on the answer, text field Acc1snd would always be N/A if the result of Acc1pnt is N. I'm looking for a script that will add N/A to the second text field and skip over it (make read only?) if the answer to the first field is N.


      Sorry if I'm making this look like hard work. Basically a check is made as to whether an accessory is received and, if it is, whether it is 'sound' or 'damaged'. Obviously if it isn't received then it's condition is irrelevant hence N/A in the senond text field.


      Also, is there something simple I can add to convert an entry to a capital letter?


      Thanks in advance