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    Problems with printout

      My application will run on laptops with 1027x768 screen resolution and it will use this size to its full capazity. In the browser window it looks all fine with about 20 pixel space between the text on the far right side and the edge of the browser window. When i print the whole browser window (built out of frames) this text on the right side is partly dissappearing out of the browser window and a scroll bar appears on the bottom of the window. So the layout seems to be interpreted slightly different during printing. Not that printing out is such an issue in this context but it would be nice to get it right. Any ideas?

      I've got screenshots but obviously I cannot attach them. I'd be happy though to send them if somebody wants to have a closer look.

      Cheers, Axel
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          Roger N Level 2
          Axel -

          You might consider a button to print only the content from the topic frame; this would create more room on your page for content only, and perhaps save the bleeding edge. Or, you might set the topic BODY width to 100%; that might accomodate the changes it encounters when printing.

          Another alternative is to create a different style for print media (IE only). Here is an example of using css to change a page component (I posted it previously, and found some errors, so it's good I looked at it again..):

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            xl Level 1
            Hi Roger.

            Thanks a lot for that help. I'm sure one of the solutions will fit.

            Cheers, Axel