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    different OS's and flash player


      I would like to use Android since it is much faster than waiting for clunky ol microsoft, and it's never ending updates.  However one cannot use flash, why?


      I see that europe has an OS called Symbian which has never surfaced in OZ !


      Android loads faster with it's solid state construction can use antivirus, although we are plagued by spam and have to delete it twice.


      Surely there can be a library that Android can use to facilitate code,  or is no one writing code these days.  There are some so called flash players on the net but who can sort the wheat from the chaff?


      I have been involved in computing since the little box with switches then the 2650 Motorola with the Creed teletype.  When I was a young sprout I had a spell with Reuters which I thought not much of TTY machines.


      Anyhow enough of history get some of the keen youngesters (Are there anymore?)