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    Technical and Online Support

    dasikins Level 1

      When it comes to learning products I find these forums and the Adobe help sections great. Unfortunately, I am having continuous technical malfunctions and am not sure who to turn to. I called customer service to see how to reach technical support to no dismay. Posting on the forums sometimes goes unanswered or the issue is never resolved and I'm not sure what to do next.


      When resetting the preferences or tool does not solve the issue what is the next step?


      Here is an example of a small issue that was not corrected when resetting the preferences. I have a couple more, but will post them in a different message. My main concern is:


      If these issues are not resolved I can't use the software. Am I just seriously out of luck?





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          Curt Y Level 7

          This question is not a question.  You have to provide your problem, your computer specs. what you have tried, etc.  In many cases there is no generic answer as almost all computers are set up differently, and we can not see what you see, or what you are doing.  Many times the solution offered is not followed, or implemented incorectly which just adds to the confusion.


          Resetting preferences works when a file has been corrupted.  It will do nothing if there are other issues like software conficts, underpowered hardware, bad fonts and plugins or other unknowns.

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            Level 5

            Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers: 





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              dasikins Level 1

              Hi Curt,


              I'm not trying to argue nor state that the forums respond poorly by any means, but just asking what is the next option. Is there any?


              Now that I have a link to 'how to ask questions' I can better formulate them for the future.


              However, does Adobe only offer the forums for support? These products are not cheap and like many electronics, hardware, software, ect issues will arise. I'm not suprised when solutions are offered they are implemented incorrectly sometimes. It reminds me of texting with someone who reads your words wrong. You were joking and they took it seriously. Confusion can arise here too.

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                dasikins Level 1

                Thanks Station Two,



                I am not placing blame on the forums, I am just wondering what the next step would be. Or are the forums the only thing Adobe provides for technical assitance besides contacting a third party.



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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  Adobe has a chat line and an help line.  The forums are just users, not paid help.


                  From the responses we get it appears that Adobe help is more geared to a standard script.  THey go down the checklist and if a common problem will come up with solution.  When they get stumped they refer user to Forum.  There is a lot of depth here as many eyes can see the problem. 


                  At this point the user can make or break the solution.  THey need to be very specific as to what the problem is and provide exactly what they see or have tried.  We can't read minds nor see what you see.  Many times a screen shot will show a wrong setting for what they are trying to do.


                  If you see a correct answer mark it as such and then others searching for same problem will see a solution.  Your solution may not be the next person's solution, but may get them thinking in the correct direction.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    These are user to user forums, not even officially monitored by Adobe.


                    Besides, Adobe has a long-standing policy of never commenting on unreleased software or providing a road map for future development.


                    The volunteer contributors are here to provide solutions and workarounds, not to defend Adobe or to apologize for them.


                    As an astronomy professor used to tell me in the 1960s, "I cannot explain the universe to you; I can only describe it for you."

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                      dasikins Level 1

                      Yes thanks Curt! This helps a ton. At least now I know what my resources are. It's great to have these forums around.

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                        dasikins Level 1

                        Ha! I love that quote. As a chemical engineer I find myself saying that frequently


                        Thanks for the help. I have a better understanding of what my options are now.

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                          OldBob1957 Level 4

                          One way some people have successfully gotten help is to email;




                          Note that the address is A-D-B-E-care, not A-D-  O  -B-E-care!