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    Collision-Detection with CSS and jQuery - How to start animation, when symbol reaches special point?


      Hey there,


      I know, that there is a solution for my problem, but I am totally not able to find it yet.

      I want to have some kind of collision-detection within two symbols. So when one symbol collides with another there will appear be text like "squaaaaash" or something.


      I haven't found anything about collision-detecting in edge animate, but I thought I could handle it with looking for the same css-parameters of both symbols. Obj1 is moving to Obj2 on a motion path. Now I want to have a Text, when it reaches Obj2.


      So I tried it like this:


      var positionobj1 = sym.$("obj1").css("left");

      var positionobj2 = sym.$("obj2").css("left");


      if (positionobj1 == positionobj2){





      But it totally isn't working at all.


      Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?