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    Help, CS5: my audio waveform doesn't match the audio

    BrianSiano2 Level 1

      I'm having a problem with a particular file in a project. The audio and video are synced just fine, but the timeline image of the audio's waveform doesn't match the sound as it's playing. It seems to be off by several seconds. I've tried rendering audio, clearing caches, etc., deleting and re-importing the file... but nothing seems to help. I also tried creating a new project, and importing the file into that, but the same waveform turns up.


      As I said, the actual audio and video are syncing just fine. But the image of the waveform doesn't match the audio.


      I don't think there's a problem with the original MTS video file, as the others from this shoot are working just fine. I think it's a problem wtih Premiere Pro's generation of the waveform.