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    Client Context won't return string array


      Hey Guys,


      I'm working with displaying dynamic user data via the client context.


      I have managed to create a property on a user that is a string array.


      The problem I am having is when i look at my values in the client context (and the json response from getting the profiledata) I am only getting 1 of the values not the whole string array.


      For the default values that CQ gives you this is also true.


      An example for you to see would be by viewing the client context of Alison Parker and then under her profile data displaying the "followers" property.  YOu will see in the CRXDE that there are multiple values for this property but only one is displayed and returned in teh JSON response.


      Is there a way to return the whole array?


      Any help you could give would be great!


      Thanks so much!

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          Sham HC Level 7

          OOB with login as Alison Parker & in client context I can see all the followers & do not know why your seeing one. Could you provide exact use case.

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            rogerblanton87 Level 1

            Are you sure you are not looking at the Social Graph component instead of the profile component?


            If you open the client context under "Tools" -> "Client Context Configurations" -> "default" ->ClientContext


            In the top portion fo teh client context (where is shows the profile image name gender etc) right click on that portion fo the client context, edit it so that one of the multifield dropdowns listed inside there points to "followers".  You will notice only 1 email address will appear "charles.s.johnson@trashymail.com".


            If you are referring to what you see under "Alison Parker's friends and followers (social graph)" this is not the section I am referring to.  The section I am referring to is 2 Dialogs up from that (the first dialog you can edit inside the client context).


            If you do this you should see my issue.  I have tried attaching screenshots of the issue but it won't let me for whatever reason.