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    Re: slight delay when clicking on a menu

    ActionCamStudio Level 1

      Today i've noticed that when i copy/paste a timeline from Premiere CC to AE CS6 unfortunately nothing happens. So i can't dynamic link or copy/paste footage in AE CS6. I can only use AE CC. Is there a way to avoid this problem? Usually i make my edit in Premiere and then i use the same timeline in AE to do postproduction.

      If i uninstall AE CC can i be able to copy/paste my timeline in AE CS6 from Premiere CC?

      Thanks in advice!



      I can't install Premiere CS6 because i use an MXO2 card.I can run AE,Photoshop and Encore CS6 with CC apps on the same machine,but not Premiere CC and Premiere CS6 at the same time.