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    How does new/manage site work on CS5


      I am designing an ebook on dreamweaver for ICT coursework. I want to know how new/manage site works because this feature is how you save your work. When I try this, I get an error message saying that 'unable to write cache file'? Am I doing something wrong? What does this message mean?

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          The cache file is written to the user's personal configuration folder. On a Windows system, this is is in the user's hidden AppData folder. On a Mac, it's in the user's Library/Application Support folder (also hidden on recent versions of Mac OS X).


          It sounds as though you're trying to do this on a network system where the user doesn't have permission to write to the necessary folder. This question belongs more in the main Dreamweaver CC forum. If you need further help, I suggest you post a follow-up question there.