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    RED Color Space




      I'm having issues determing the correct Color Space for my RED footage. I set the project color space to HDTV Rec 709. I bring the footage into the project, I interpret the frame rate from 23.98 to 29.97, then I Add to Render Queue. I set the Render Color Space setting to HDTV Rec 709 as well. And when its done, the final quicktime is close but slightly different colors than the original.


      I've tried doing the same with color management turned off. The codec I'm trying to export to is DNxHD.


      If I take the same original RED file and bring it into Avid Media Composer at DNxHD resolution, the colors stay the same. But I need to use After Effects for the frame rate conversion. How can I get After Effects to keep the colors the same when converting to DNxHD please?