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    Text Field on top of a Button


      I'm using buttons to display an image dependent on a dropdown and need to include a text form on top of the images. When I put another drop down on top of the button it is still accessable but when I put a text field on top of the button the text field disapears and can't be selected to put type in. Is there a way to move it on top of the button?



      (function () {


      if (!event.willCommit) {


      var v = event.changeEx;


      this.getField("FlangePic").display = (v=="Flange") ? display.visible : display.hidden;

      this.getField("Dropdown4").display = (v=="Flange") ? display.visible : display.hidden;


      this.getField("PinionPic").display = (v=="Pinion") ? display.visible : display.hidden;


      //I would like to display "Number of Splines" text field on top of the picture of the spline

      this.getField("SplinePic").display = (v=="Spline") ? display.visible : display.hidden;