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    Dead links in CC Exchange Panel; in CS6 extensions don't install

    MPDAEF Level 1

      Extension mgr CC is installed; Exchange extension is enabled.  BUT, in PS CC, the exhange panel links are dead (the panel opens but doesn't seem live).  In PS CS6, the previous extensions are fine, but no new ones will install, though they seem to download.  The only error message I get in CS6 is that the installation failed and I should close Exchange and try again.  That doesn't help.  I get no error message in CC.

      Does anyone have a suggestion?  I've posed a similar question elsewhere but received no answers thus far.

      (Running Windows 7, 64-bit)

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          lesavage Adobe Employee



          A couple of questions to help determine what is going wrong:


          1) what versions of extension manager CC and CS6 do you have installed?

          2) what version of the panel do you have installed? For CC you can check this by going to program files/common files/adobe/CEPServiceManager4/extensions/adobeexchange/csxs/manifest.xml. In CS6 go to the common files directory but look in CS6ServiceManager directory instead. I would expect both panels to have a version of 1.0.0

          3) when you say the links are dead, what links? The tabs, product info or the download links?


          Thanks in advance,


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            MPDAEF Level 1

            Hi, Lea,

            Thanks for responding.  Yes, both panels seem to be version 1.0.   The

            extension manager is the one I just (today) downloaded from the CC

            downloads site.  I had been having download/update problems, so this

            morning I uninstalled and cc-cleaned all the CC apps, including desktop

            link, and reinstalled the four or so that I use.  This didn't change the

            behavior of the Exchange panels in either version.  Everything else seems

            to be working normally.


            If the web site isn't misleading, shouldn't the new CC extension manager

            replace the CS6 one and work for both programs?  I do still have the CS6

            ext mgr in my program list, but clicking it doesn't open anything,  Neither

            does the exe file in the file location for the CS6 ext mgr.  Should I be

            deleting these manually?  I don't want to destroy any CS6 software that I

            can't replace.


            As to what doesn't work in CC Exchange:  when the panel opens, it becomes

            white and then changes to the black welcome panel, saying that there's an

            available update in PS.  (There isn't; PS CC is up to date.)  Nothing in

            that welcome panel is live except for the little menu at upper right that

            has links to launch or install ext. mgr or access help, etc. The other

            items in the pre-installed Extensions (Kuler, Mini-Bridge) seem fine.

            In CS6, Exchange panel opens normally and connects to the extensions I

            already have.  The tabs are live, as are the download links.  BUT, a

            selected extension will download but never complete installing.

            Eventually, the "moving circle" stops, and I get a "try again" message.


            Sounds to me as though there's a corruption somewhere in the CS6 version.

            What do you think?



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              lesavage Adobe Employee

              Hi Gail,


              When working in CS6 you require CS6 Extension Manager.

              When working in CC you require CC Extension Manager but this is optional. When Extension Manager CC is required the panel will prompt you to download the latest version from the CC desktop client.


              FYI, if you ever need to reinstall a CS6 point product then in creative.adobe.com, you can choose CS6 from a drop down menu:


              In terms of CS6, it sounds like your Extension Manager CS6 could be corrupted considering it will not let you launch the application. I would recommend uninstalling Extension Manager CS6 and downloading it again from http://www.adobe.com/exchange/em_download/em6_download.html


              In terms of CC, can you confirm that the manifest file shows the following as I would not expect you to see the update message if you had the 1.0.0 panel installed.




              I look forward to hearing from you,


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                MPDAEF Level 1

                I do appreciate your help.  Your suggestions make sense entirely, but the

                problems have multiplied.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to call

                Customer Service, and spend the necessary hours! to get this fixed.

                I did uninstall (and cleaner tool) Ext Mgr CS6, but it won't re-install.

                (Installer says to use the Support Advisor, which says to use the cleaner

                tool to remove the Ext MrgEXCEPT it is no longer on the Cleaner listor

                anywhere else in my computer that I can find.)   Also, while all the CC

                apps I un- and re-installed yesterday are working, the two big ones failed

                to do their updates last evening.  I have tried to find and work with the

                error codes, but the instructions and links are either not to be found or

                not workable.  (I.e., the error codes--and the tech notes about

                them--aren't to be found through any of the links Adobe provides in its

                help or search instructions.  I'm sure they are there somewhere, but Adobe

                doesn't make it possible, for me at least, to find them.)

                Again, thank you.  I'm a little frustrated with Adobe.  I spent about 30

                hours earlier this year with Adobe tech support in order to solve a problem

                that was, finally, entirely the fault of an Adobe server.  So you can see

                why I'm not eager to make that phone call.


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                  fgregor Adobe Employee

                  Hi Gail,


                  Sorry to hear you're still having problems. While CC product updates failing to install is not something we can personally help with, for problems with Adobe Exchange and Extension Manager I think that these forums are probably the most appropriate place to get help. Adobe Exchange is a relatively new service that is changing quickly, and engineers from the Adobe Exchange and Extension Manager teams check these forums on a daily basis. Lea and I are engineers working on Adobe Exchange (including the servers) so we may be able to work out what the problem is without you needing to call tech support.


                  Note that you can download the cleaner tool here:



                  If you're struggling to install Extension Manager CS6 after having uninstalled it, can you check for the following folders and move them to your Recycle Bin them if they exist?


                  C:\Users\<username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Extension Manager CS6

                  C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CS6


                  After then downloading and installing Extension Manager CS6 from the link Lea shared,


                  ...if you still get an error code, please let us know which code it is so that we can find out what it means.


                  By the way, you said that you don't want to "destroy" any CS6 software you can't replace - but if you do need to ever re-download/install CS6 products, you can always get CS6 versions from https://creative.adobe.com/products as a Creative Cloud member.


                  Hope this helps you to get a little further.


                  Best wishes,


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                    MPDAEF Level 1

                    Ok.  I followed your suggestions.  I also found in the AppData an Extension

                    Manager 7.0 (no indication of CC or CS) and deleted it, too.  I assume this

                    was ok to do.


                    It took some time and fiddling to extract and install, but that seems to

                    have worked.  I believe the Ext Mgr works, but it gets hung up trying to

                    download extensions.  That is, when I open it, it gets about 2/3 across the

                    "loading extensions" bar and then freezes (I have to use task mgr to close


                    I think it's Adobe Exchange that may be the problem.  In PS CS6, the items

                    already in the ext. mgr seem to work (e.g., Kuler, Paper Texture Pro), but

                    the Exchange extension itself opens only a black panel and doesn't respond

                    in any way. (See below for more info.)

                    In PS CC, the Kuler and Mini Bridge extension work normally, I think, but

                    the Exchange panel opens (blank) and can't be closed until an error message

                    appears that the command couldn't be completed because "the extension could

                    not be loaded."


                    When the CS6 Ext Mgr gets hung up, and the Task Mgr is used to close it,

                    the Tsk Mgr offers the following details.  Maybe they'll be helpful.  I'd

                    be most grateful if you could solve this Exchange problem, so I'd have to

                    be concerned only with failed updates, which I'm sure are fairly common

                    these days.


                    Problem signature:

                      Problem Event Name:    AppHangB1

                      Application Name:    Adobe Extension Manager CS6.exe

                      Application Version:

                      Application Timestamp:    51e3622d

                      Hang Signature:    dd44

                      Hang Type:    6144

                      OS Version:    6.1.7601.

                      Locale ID:    1033

                      Additional Hang Signature 1:    dd44f1ebbff1fe5ee45288b3764bd45d

                      Additional Hang Signature 2:    b388

                      Additional Hang Signature 3:    b38839b95fa5ad913a4739800c351dec

                      Additional Hang Signature 4:    dd44

                      Additional Hang Signature 5:    dd44f1ebbff1fe5ee45288b3764bd45d

                      Additional Hang Signature 6:    b388

                      Additional Hang Signature 7:    b38839b95fa5ad913a4739800c351dec


                    Many thanks.


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                      lesavage Adobe Employee

                      Hi Gail,


                      Could you send the following information to me at lesavage at adobe dot com.


                      - Screenshot of what the Exchange Panel looks like in CS6 when loaded, e.g. a screenshot of the blank panel

                      - Send the above error report so I can forward it onto the Extension Manager team

                      - Can you enable the Extension Manager CS6 logs as outlined at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4275082#4275082 so I can forward them onto the Extension Manager team to determine why the application is hanging.

                      - Adobe Exchange log which is located at: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Exchange\AdobeExchange.log


                      Thanks in advance,


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                        MPDAEF Level 1

                        Hi, fgregor,

                        I have finally gotten the original problems solved (as of Aug 2), but I'd like to comment on your "you can always get CS6 versions" as a CC member.  I've been to the link, which takes one to downloads page, and I don't see any way of downloading a CS6 app.  I've been looking to replace Muse CS6, and all that's offered is Muse CC.  I checked one or two other apps as well, in case this is a Muse situation only.  What am I missing?


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                          fgregor Adobe Employee

                          Hi Gail,


                          Glad to hear your original problems are now solved - thanks for letting us know.


                          As for downloading CS6 apps - the reason you can't get an older version of Muse through the Creative Cloud website is probably that Muse was not released with CS6 - see http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/cs6/faq.html for a list of what was included with CS6.


                          You can get apps which were part of CS6 by going to their product page, and then selecting the CS6 version from the dropdown just under "In this version":


                          Hope this helps.