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    InDesign suddenly painfully slow to edit text.

    WrightStuff Level 1

      As the title says, you type a few words in and look at the screen and maybe 2 letters are there, the curser has disappeared and you have to wait 5/6 seconds for the text to appear, but that is not all, when the curser reappears, turns into the hourglass, and flashes another 5/6 seconds.


      We upgraded to CS6 a few months ago and there were a few occasions when the program would start acting funky, slow down and the computer would give out a load whirring like the hard drive was speeding up with a lot of activity.  I would save, quit everything and reboot and all would be well for another week .


      That is until yesterday, when the above started happening and rebooting didn't help. We tried using CCleaner on the hard drive and the IT guru checked the hardware, but found nothing, but did note that it was one of the slower machines in the office (x86, running Windows 7). So we uninstalled and reinstalled it on a faster 64bit machine running XP Pro. Still no good.


      This morning I remembered an old trick from FrameMaker and Exported one of the files to an IDML file and reopened it, but it still was no good. Amazingly, the file went from 2.7Mg to 79Kb and reopened to 1.7mg! Could that be right ... 79Kb?


      The really odd thing is that I needed to change a term globally in a document and I had no problem using the Find/Change dialog box to do individual changes and global changes with no speed issues. I was able to generate an updated TOC also, but the minute I tried to edit text the problem was still there.


      I don't know what to try next?


      I know Indesign has a mini-save / file recovery function, are there preferences to set or a way to turn it off to see if that is the problem? (I'm grasping at straws here)