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    Where is my Flash Player?

    rlabowitz Level 1

      I have been wrestllng with an issue for weeks.  I have cleaned my registry, run Malware programs, and my machine has AVS on it.  I ran Windows Defender, and Norton.  I am running a Dell i3 with Windows 7 SP1, IE 10 and Chrome.  I have followed all of the on line suggestions, uninstalling, installing a fresh copy, I upgraded the IE to 10, the W7 is current.  I have Shockwave enabled, Java is running and if I install a fresh copy of Flash I can go to You Tube and run 1 video and then I start getting errors.  This video is not available, You need to upgrade your Flash, This video not availalbe.


      I even talked to my computer repair company and they remoted into the machine and completely cleaned it up and as I did again ran all of your suggested repairs.  The only thing that is strange is that my computer passes your tests, showing it is installed and the version yet when I look it up in Control Panel, all programs, it isn't there and it doesn't appear in Control Panel either.