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    Premiere Pro CC no longer reading embedded captions


      Premiere Pro CC no longer recognizes captions embedded into a Quicktime file using the XDCAM HD 422 50Mbit codec.


      We created several hundred files using the new Premiere CC - all by attaching .scc data to a Quicktime file using the XDCAM HD 422 50Mbit format.  We had another department that would then open those files, trim as needed for different deliveries, and then re-export - maintaining the captions throughout the process.


      However, as of yesterday - Premiere CC is no longer reading the embedded caption information when we re-open the file in CC.  If I open the file in Quicktime, I can display the captions.  Also, our Vantage system and Baton file analyzer BOTH see the captions - so they are still there.  However, Premiere CC no longer recognizes them.  This appears to only be a problem with the XDCAM codec as I found a file encoded to ProRes 422 with embedded captions and it opens up into Premiere CC and properly locates and separates out the captions onto V2 as expected.


      I'm really stumped on this one.  I've tested 5 different Premiere systems here (all Mac based) and it's happening across all of them.  It was working fine previously.  To my knowledge - we didn't do any updates to these Premiere system since this started happening. 


      I tried some of the usual stuff - restart, trash preferences, update (it did download and install the most recent Dynamic Link update but didn't find anything else).  Still stuck.


      Any suggestions would be REALLY appreciated.




      Don Hertz


      System specs:

      Mac OS 10.8.3

      Premiere CC 7.0.1 (501)

      16-32Gb of RAM (depending on system)

      iMac 27" Workstations with 2Gb Video Card (Dec 2012 release)

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          Premiere Pro uses two different importers to read QuickTime clips. Which one is used depends on the codec require. The current version of Premiere Pro CC reads captions only if ImporterQuicktime is used; captions are not supported when embedded in clips that require ImporterMPEG.


          Until caption support is added for ImporterMPE, the workarounds are to use either caption sidecars or captions embedded in QuickTime clips that use ImporterQuicktime.

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            dph1138 Level 1

            Well - that's consistent with the additional testing I've done.  Any MPEG based codecs do not work - while ProRes, DVCPro and others work fine upon re-import.  I could have sworn we had it working previously as we've been doing the export - reimport workflow since CCs release but I'll have to go back and look at the exact file formats they were using for the last few weeks.  Perhaps someone goofed on our encoder settings and they were somehow going out to some non-MPEG format for a few weeks.


            Hopefully getting the importMPEG function to work in a future update is high on the priority list.


            Thank you for the response.




            Don Hertz

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              I also hope ImporterMPEG will include caption support. I am dealing with the entire Simpsons library from FOX in the XDCAM HD 422 50Mbit codec, and they must be downconverted and dubbed in real time through Premiere Pro CC. The captions do not show in the V2 line, and do not pass through on playback. This means I have 5.3 terabytes of unairable episodes until I get either an on-air playback system that supports direct drag&drop of this codec, or a fix that enables ImporterMPEG caption support.