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    Q about Audio tracks in PProCC

    E Bond Level 1

      I've created a PProCC project, using AVCHD footage from a Panasonic DSLR. The original audio came in as a stereo track. I converted it to dual mono, because I read somewhere that would be a good idea, I don't remember exactly why!


      Anyway,I've got my project put together, but when I go to edit audio in Audition, I notice that there is only 1 channel. And now looking back at the project, I see that both mono tracks are listed as Channel 1. When I edit in Audition, I'm only editing one channel. So what I need to know is, does the editing of that channel in Audition result in changes to both of my mono tracks in the original PProCC project, or just one? Thanks for your help! ~Bond

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Try it, report back the results for others.  (Yours is certainly a uncommon work flow.)

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            E Bond Level 1

            Well, that was a good and simple idea.

            1. Exported mono track to Audition, added 5 sec silence at the beginning of the track. Saved in Audition.
            2. Went back to PProCC, and sure enough only one track was affected.
            3. I'm all about workflow, but I'm so mew at this I'm not at all surprised that it's an unusual workflow.


            There's a lot of noise in these audio tracks - live theater recording, boomy room (which I know I can't do much about) but also several periods of obnoxious industrial noise - refrigeration unit going on next door, and whatever else - and I do think I can do something about that. But I'd like noise reduction to happen on both tracks in Audition, and it appears that I can't do that with the two mono tracks set up the way they are. So it appears that I've spent a ton of time trying to edit noise out of the audio, only to now discover that I've only been affecting one of the tracks, which is why, I guess, the noise isn't going away. Oy!!! Do I have any options for being able to edit both audio tracks simultaneously? Thanks for the help.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Don't know.  I've never used that exact work flow.