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    What version of Visual Studio should I use to build the samples in the CS5 plug-in SDK?

    Cedric Cicada xyzabcdef

      I just downloaded the plug-in SDK for CS5.  I tried to build two of them in Visual Studio 2012.  VS2012 had to convert them for me.  The first one, 3DHeightField, failed abysmally, as it tried to redefine standard library keywords for no reason I'll ever understand.  It told me to enable warning CS4005 to find the illegal #define statement, but I don't know how to enable warnings, only how to disable them.


      The second I tried, Dissolve, failed because the compiler could not find afxres.h.


      What is the recommended way to build these projects?  And, if possible, could someone please point me to a sample filter plug-in project that will build in Visual Studio 2012 without having to be converted from some older version of Visual Studio?


      Thank you very much.