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    How to Use Embed Metadata in ActionScript Mobile Project in Flash Builder 4.7?

    turbidity Level 1

      I've recently been forced to upgrade to Flash Builder 4.7. My ActionScript Mobile project which had been happily working and importing assets is now broken. I get a lot of warnings that start like

      "The definition mx.core.BitmapAsset depended on by ". I found that ActionScript Mobile projects cannot by default reference the Flex SDK to get the BitmapAsset class. In 4.6, there was no problem, but 4.7 won't let you do it. Anyone have another solution to embed bitmaps?


      I did find one. This post (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4818329) tells at the bottom how to turn off the blocking of the Flex SDK. Unfortunately when I turn useFlashSDK to false, I can no longer use AIR's 3.4 namespace. I downgrade it to 3.1, and things compile. My app, which worked fine in 4.6 on mobile, becomes unstable and after use will crash without outputting an error. I can take the same code and plop it in a Flex Mobile project, and it works fine. It doesn't crash.


      So, is there any other way to embed bitmaps in a ActionScript Mobile project in Flash Builder 4.7 without setting useFlashSDK to false? I can work with Flex Mobile, but the compiler is so freaking slow compared to ActionScript Mobile.