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    Importing folders?

    dpolkat3 Level 1

      New user of Premiere Pro CS6. While I have a lot of long past Premiere 6.5 experience, I've been away from editing for a while. Now I'm back on CS6! How do I import whole folders of clips into CS6? I tried going into Edit>Import, and this will let me go to the folder with the clips I want in it. But it won't let me import the whole folder, just clips that may be in that folder.  So do I need to create new bins to do this?


      Also, there are a lot of tutorials floating around for CS6. Here, on You Tube, and other places. It would seem obvious that some are better then others. Any hints about which are better?


      As I get back into Adobe, you're probably going to hear other silly sounding questions like this from me, but I learn fast. Thanks!

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          shooternz Level 6

          I usually Open the Folder and CTRL-A to select all files.


          Are you using the Premiere Media Browser or Explorer BTW?

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            dpolkat3 Level 1

            No. Not what I'm asking. I just want to know how to drag whole folders (pre existing folders) of clips into CS6.

            hooternz, well it looks like what I'm opening is the Premiere Media Browser. I just go up to File and down to Import, and the window opens. The window will allow me to open the folder (in the browser) to see the files in it, and even to import files from that folder, but not to import the actual folder itself. I have tried creating a new bin and dropping files into it, but I'd rather just drop the whole original folder (a copy of course) into CS6, rather then create and name new stuff. I noticed that I can go to windows explorer (open it on top of CS6) and drop clips into CS6 as well, but here again it won't let me drag and drop whole folders. Seems weird to me (and a bit annoying) but maybe it's normal?

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              shooternz Level 6

              If you right click on a Folder in Premiere Media Browser it gives an option "Import"


              That will do what you want.


              I dont use it becuase of the media I useand the way I manage it..


              Make sure the Folder is what you want it to be called. It wil be the same name in your Project Window.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The tutorial list in message #3 http://forums.adobe.com/message/2276578 may help

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                  dpolkat3 Level 1

                  shooternz said: "If you right click on a Folder in Premiere Media Browser it gives an option "Import"


                  That would be great, if I could get the folder into the Media Browser. I have a project folder called The Line. Within that folder is a subfolder called The Line Originals, which contains all the actual clips to be used in the project. While I can navagate to the main The Line folder, the Media Browser refuses to show the subfolder (The Line Originals). On other project folders, all the subfolders show up just fine, so I don't get it.


                  Turns out that I can get both the individual files and the folder as well to import by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer, but it just bothers me that Media Browser won't do this. Not a big deal since my work-around works, but should a work-around be necessary in software of this caliber?


                  John T. I looked in the tutorials but didn't see this particular problem covered, but it's a nice source of help!!

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                    shooternz Level 6



                    I keep all my media files separated in folders on different Drives.


                    eg DRIVE G;/Video Rushes/Production name/Rushes Card 1


                    Premiere Media Browser shows all drives in my system and subsequently I can drill down any  folder containing whatever.


                    In the case of Video rushes..one called 'Private'


                    If I imported that...it would open a folder in Project Window Called 'Private'.


                    Check your settings in the Media Browser for what you want it to display.

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                      dpolkat3 Level 1

                      You said: " Check your settings in the Media Browser for what you want it to display."


                      In the Media Browser I see two changable settings. One is the View As: setting, which will only allow me to view as File Directory (although there are other choices relating apparently to camera file types). The other is to the far left, which shows the folders on my hard drive. Neither will allow me to access the subdirectorys of my project folder. Other then those, I don't really see any Media Browser settings. None that will help with this anyway.


                      10 Minutes later.............I got it to work! I had to go into Windows Explorer and change the name of the subdirectory from The Line Originals to. HD Files. Media Browser had no problem finding that. So apparently Media Browser does not like differently named folders with somewhat similar names. Very strange, as the names are different enough. Live and learn. Thanks guys for all the help!!

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                        shooternz Level 6

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