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    Subtract calculation in an expanding table?




      I am currently designing a form in Livecycle ES2 and am in need of calculation script.


      I have an expanding table with add rows on it.


      In the table i have a drop down list with 2 items that be can selected DR and CR, an Amount field and a total field.


      Currently the Amount field and a totals field adds up correctly with this script Sum(Spersonaldetails2.Table1.Item[*].Amount)


      However i now need the Totals field to calculate based on which item from the drop down is selected.


      So if DR is selected i need it to add to the total and if CR is selected i need to subtract from the total.


      One row could be a DR and the next row a CR.


      I am unable to have the totals field subtract the Amount if CR is selected.


      look forward to any help.  i have been wrecking my brain over this.