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    Split project? to make the file smaller?

    baiaz Level 1



      We have just started to use Captivate and we want to use voice and video caption


      But we are a bit affraid that the file size will be a problem for or network /Lines


      Will it be a problem do you think?


      And if it will - how can we split them so that we can sew them together in ONE mother file so the user will have the same FEELING that they would had?


      We are using Citrix in our nettwork

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What bandwidth will each user have over your Citrix link?  You cannot get an answer your question without this information.


          A typical Captivate published project with voiceover audio, text, images, but no video will weigh in at somewhere between 500kb-1meg per minute of delivered content.  If your Citrix link is not going to be big enough to deliver that to each individual user, then you may be in trouble.


          Most CITRIX networks I've encountered do not allow audio in order to conserve bandwidth.  Have you checked whether your particular network has audio enabled or disabled?