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    Flash Player crashes like 50 to 100 times a day using the website espn.com and firefox (latest vers)


      Since version 11 of Adobe Flash Player the plugin crashes like 50 to 100 times a DAY. Im using firefox (always the latest version of both  - firefox and flash player) and I'm often accessing the espn.com website, for example if I quickly open 2 or 3 Tabs loading some MLB players (there often is a video on the right side of the player profile page), it crashes. Or another example is, when I open http://scores.espn.go.com/mlb/scoreboard there is often a video with the lateset news or the latest game highlights and i press the "Minimize ScoreCenter Video-" button, then espn ask "Are you sure u wanna hide this video", then i check the checkbox "Hide Future ScoreCenter Video content" and confirm with the "Hide" button, again flash player crashes.

      The crash itself looks like this: Firefox freezes, since some newer update I get to choose either to stop the plugin or continue script. When i choose "continue scrip" firefox stays frozen until i end the process "flashplayerplugin.exe" in task manager, when i press "stop plugin" flash player crashes.

      All my firefox properties of history and this stuff are disabled, so nothing is saved when i close firefox. Since I experience this problem now for a REALLY LONG time, i needa ask u guys, does somebody have the same problem and how can I fix it?

      I tried to install older version of flash player and it worked just fine, but then I'm not able to watch for example youtube videos 'cause it requires the latest version of flash player *sigh*

      I have Win 7 Professional SP 1, Firefox 22.0 and FlashPlayerPlugin_11_8_800_94.

      Thanks for any help in advance.