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    Is it possible to create an action to copy channel name text and insert into channel in CS5?


      I am a screen printer and I print my separations from Photoshop. I routinely work with multi channel files or RGB files with additional spot color channels. I have created actions to place my registration marks, re-size images, etc to get ready to print but I manually have to create the text labels for each screen if they are missing from the original artwork.

      The files I work with have channels named as "Base White, Red, Green, 284 Blue" etc indicating the ink color. What i would like to be able to do is click an action that would copy the text from the channel name and insert it into a separate or each/all channels near the top of the file so that when I print each positive it has a corresponding label for ink color.

      I am not sure if this is even possible, and I am limited on my knowledge when it comes to actions and have pretty much got lucky in the past getting them to do what I want without unnecessary steps.

      On my registration target action it creates a new channel with each individual reg mark then combines them into one separate channel in which I just copy the contents and select all the ink channels and fill with black to make them appear, i'm happy with the steps it takes as it isn't too much trouble and if this could do the same with labels I would be happy with that.

      Thanks in advance!