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    Downloading Adobe Flash Player / Google Chrome !!!





      I'm really getting "Pissed" at YOU Companies (Adobe included), when YOU the Company decides and takes it upon themselves to "Install ****" on others computers who don't want the Crap, that being Google Chrome or any other ******* program YOU think , needs to be installed  !!!


      The Box isn't very Big to catch users attention !


      WHY does Adobe feel the need to go ahead and place a "Checkmark" in the Box, to Install Google Chrome or any other application , Why ????


      Don't you think if I or other users would want it, WE ourselves would place a check mark in there ourselves without YOUR doing it for us !!!


      Let me be a little more Blunt with - how'd ya like it if I decided to take it upon my self, and decide to Punch the CEO of Adobe Corp. right in the Mouth ?????


      Rahter he likes it or not, or deserves it,  doesn't matter, I felt like doin it, so I will !!!


      How'd ya like me to say, Kick in the doors of Adobe Corporate and bust all the glass out of em,, just because I feel like it,,, just because !!!


      Again, if Users want something installed Installed on their computers, their car, or in their homes ,the user / owner should decide , NOT some Bozo' up in some company to decide it for everybody !!!


      Maybe some users would like to JAM a Size 12 foot up somebodys *** there at Adobe, see how they like that, deserving or not - doesn't matter !!!


      Now, with that being said, I took the time to "Uninstall" that google Chrome browser out of my computer, on my own time, and like a LAYWER / Attorney or Doctor or Dentist, my Time is worth something , to un-install the ******** Adobe Corp. decided to take upon themselves to "automatically" place that check mark in that Box, so Automatically Google Chrome would be installed over the Browser I already have !!!


      I will Assume that Adobe Corp. doesn't mind PAYING for my Time for their B.S. !!


      I'll be Sending Adobe a BILL for my Time , to the tune of $375.00 ~ !!!


      My time to un-install it, worth something !


      Maybe Adobe should "Quit" decideing upon themselves what to install on users computers !!


      Look forward if necessary, to taking it up in Court if need be, which is likely going to be the case !!!


      I'll be sending you the Bill, we'll go from there !!!