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    Custom OSMF source with mxmlc compiler

    Phogelius Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am trying to compile my FB 4.7 project with mxmlc via the command line tool.

      It works fine in FB but when I am using the command line I get errors. It says I have duplicate OSMF sources in my project. One is the standard from the library in /usr/local/flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/libs/osmf.swc - but I don't want to use that, instead I made a custom (with these changes: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5180482 ) and the classes for that are in my project's "src" folder.

      The compiler doesn't know which to use and can't resolve, end result is the compilation failing.


      Is there a command or something alike to tell the compiler that the swc inside /usr/local/flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/libs should be ignored? I can't just delete the osmf.swc because I need it as it is in other projects.    

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          Phogelius Level 1

          Uh, nevermind. Found out myself. In the compiler options I manually add the swcs I want to use:









          With this only the OSMF sources in my src folder are used and the project compiles.

          Notice how in the first line I am using "library-path=" to overwrite the default path and then add the other required libraries by using "library-path+="