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    Best practices for handling elements and symbols (including preloading)

    escargo Level 1

      I am trying to learn Edge Animate and I have not seen enough animations to know how this is typically handled and I searched the forum and have not found an answer either.


      If you have many different elements and symbols for a project, what is the best practice for having them appear, disappear, etc. on the timeline? I ask this question not only from a performance based perspective, but also keeping in mind the idea of preloading. This is a 2 part question:


      Part 1: Using elements and symbols later in the timeline:


      Since artwork is always imported directly to the stage in an "always on" status, should we place a visibility OFF on every item until we need it?

      or should they be opacity 0 until I need them?

      or should they be set to visibility hidden until I need them?


      Which of these is the best option if you don't want the element / symbol visible until later in the timeline? Does it matter?


      Part 2: Impact on page loading


      Does the above question have any impact upon page loading speed

      or is this something handled in preloading?

      or do you need to make a special preloader?


      Thanks for the help.