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    Will Cirrus become available for purchase?

    davee44 Level 1

      I'm interested in having a Cirrus-like server for commercial use that can handle millions of RTMFP connections.


      Despite the Adobe documentation saying that "RTMFP and groups allow you to build peer-to-peer applications that can scale to millions of clients" (the quote is from: http://goo.gl/aJfOaN), it turns out that the Adobe Media Server is not able to handle such amout of P2P users, and the very maximum is 15000 concurrent RTMFP connections - according to this: http://goo.gl/oK2SVa


      So my question is: how is it possible to achieve millions of P2P connections as it stated in the Adobe's docs? It seems Cirrus does not have such limitation on the number of connections, so does Adobe plan to release a commercial version of Cirrus?



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          there are no plans right now to offer Cirrus (codename) commercially. in the short term, for some applications, if you can structure them appropriately, you can deploy several Adobe Media Servers to handle the load.

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            davee44 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            Deploying several media servers makes absolutely no sense... Just to cover 1 million P2P users will require 67 servers, this is ridiculous. Moreover, this will be useless since all peers will have to be within the one rendez-vous service, not several of them.


            So... it turns out that the only way to handle millions of P2P users is to use a third-party open-source RTMFP server. The downside of this solution is that no one actually guarantees the reliability.


            I find it very strange that Adobe, once developed such a cool technology, constrains it within the tight limits and disregards the chance of making it profitable.