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    AE CS6 drive setup advice

    James Paulley Level 1



      Perhaps you could help me with my next drive purchase? I currently have a Sandisk Extreme 120GB SSD system drive and a 1TB Seagate. I'm keeping my project files and media on the Seagate and the disk cache on the SSD along with the system install. I was going to purchase a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro to use for disk cache, media cache and exports, but should I not write exports to the same drive?


      I've read that the Sandisk Extreme is poor for writing uncompressible data (would never have bought if I'd known in advance) but the 840 Pro is very good or that.


      So, currently thinking:


      Sandisk Extreme 120GB – OS / apps

      Samsung 840 Pro 256GB – Disk cache / media cache / exports

      1TB Seagate Barracuda – Project files / media


      Let me know if you'd suggest anything different.


      I also use Premiere, but not as much. Would the same/similar setup work for Pr?



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          I had this ''problem'' some time ago to, and best configuration i found for after effects i to use a hdd for every step. I personally use a separate disk for media imput from where ae reads, a separate for cache-preferably the fastest, and a separate hdd for writing. As for writing u can use any hdd, and i use a 1tb one on usb external because unless u render A over B and an animated text u will not have the renderspeed to overflow the buffer.(im working 99% of time in linear 32bit float in Ae for some years)

          And for rendering big comps the best way and fastest, even on latest ae is to use command line rendering and start a number of renders equal with your cpu cores, or less if u dont have a lot of ram (u save first the composition in ae without multicpu option, set tga or other file format but not movie and check skip existing). This way u will use ALL your cpu power and ae will render a lot faster. In theory the multicpu option should do that to but is not.

          As for premier, is extremely sensible to the hdd from where reads the files, so best would be same configuration as Ae but with the fastest drive as media input drive.


          in conclusion get 2 ssd's , one bigger for project source files and one smaller for cache, and a storage BIG one for final output, because u need a lot of space for uncompressed output anyway.( for example imagine u need to output uncompressed HD  from premier, 1hour + long, for cinema, 600Gb+ )


          And best is to use premier to output movie files and sequence only from ae.


          I hope it helps.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I like to recommend a five drive setup as the baseline for a good editing experience.


            C: OS/Programs

            D: Projects

            E: Cache/Scratch

            F: Media

            E: Exports


            (And of course, some sort of backup solution.)


            The above config will spread the load out pretty well, giving you solid performance.  You can increase performance by adding drives, such as RAID 0 for Cache and Exports or RAID 3 for media.  But the converse also applies, you decrease performance by taking drives away from that basic five setup.

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              Hi Jim Sorry to cut in but I have...similar questiond and would like advice on the drive set up I have including backup strategy if possible.  Keeping in mind that i work mainly with dslr footage but also that  i'm gonna also work on red and alexa footage (at least one short film to edit and grade).  I use Adobe suite (Premiere, AE SpeedGrade, PS, etc) FCP X and c4d mainly.  I use Mountail Lion 10.8.5.


              Board GB-z77-ud5h, Radeon Hd 4870 (yeah i know i should upgrade that one), 16 gb ddr3 1600Mhz


              Drives set up so Far


              Corsair force gs 128GB ssd (sata 6) = Os and programs + pagefile  - speed w/r = 495

              500 Gb seagate (sata II) HDD for non video editing data                    - speed w/r = 128

              2x1tb Raid 0 (software) caviar blue sata 6 on sata 3 = projects and media and caches - Speed:  325 mb/sec

              1.5 TB wd green partitoned 300 GB for system image rest for : exports and previews - speed: 60 Mb/sec

              all hdd's are 7200 rpm all tests were done in aja


              Also keep project management in mind...


              Other Drives available: 1tb wd caviar sata II (green 32 cache) - OCZ agility 90 gb ssd


              Drives available for backup

              2 x 2 TB external usb2 drives

              1 x 2 TB G drive FW 800 e-sata (that I also use with My mac book pro)

              1.5 TB wd my boos usb2. fw 800 e-sata for stock music footage etc


              Here are the set ups options i'm currently pondering about


              Option one

              128 GB ssd - os, programs + pagefile

              500 gb  HDD - + cahce for FCP FCP x and premiere

              3 x 1TB raid 0 - project - media - preview

              (Note:Adding the 1 TB to the current raid making it a 3x 1tb raid 0 (i know it's a different disk still this is temporary and will buy more blues in the near future.)

              1.5 tb (250 for system image 250 for TM back up) 1TB for exports and media managment

              90 ssd gb either as a specif AE cache or  for  Ae, Motion and c4d caches (90 GB enough?)


              Option 2

              128 GGB SSD - os and programs

              2 x 1TB wd blue raid 0 as is - projects and media

              500gb Seagate = cahces and exports

              2 X 1TB Raid 0 from 1TB green and 1.5 TB Green partitoned as 1 tb for - exports and previews ( i know this is not ideal again but at least for to do this short)

              90 GB SSD




              TM backup of 2x1 TB bluer Raid  projects and media on 2 tb external drive

              TM backupe 2 x 1 green raid on 2 GB ext drive

              OSX sys image on 250 gb partiotin of green 1.5 TB

              Osx TM back up on 250 gb partition of 1.5  TB


              Option one seems to me the right one since time machine can now back up on multiple disks so 3 GB could be spread on 2 ext disks and a setting like that would also mean easier project management.


              But please suggest what you feel is optimal in regards to the toys I have..

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                grug73 Level 1

                Thaks I am looking into he article you provided.

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                  grug73 Level 1

                  Thanks for the article yet still unsure


                  So until I get two more blues I cant really do do a 6+ love set up right now. Keep in mind this is a temporary set up because of the shorf film project i just got (red footage) but from what I read...


                  I guest the second raid 1.5 tb + 1 TB wd green is a bad idea because it's simply bad to partition the 1.5 even if it would only be dedicated to let's say either previews or exports. use the 1.5 for archival purpuses only.


                  Assuming media caches for this means also scratch disk or media files or source footage and media = media necessary for project outside of source footage.


                  128 GB ssd = for os + apps + pagefile if that applies to mac unsure

                  3x 1tB Raid 0 = Media - projects + Media caches - and Previews

                  500 GB Seagate = non video docs + Exports

                  90 GB ocx ... sell for blues or keep for some dedicated caches...



                  128 BG = os + apps

                  500 GB = projects + media (not a lot of space plus wont projets and media benefit from raid especially for 2k 4k footage)

                  2 x 1tb Blue Raid 0 = Media Cache - Previews

                  1 TB green = exports (faster than the 1.5)

                  90 GB SSD = dedicated AE, Motion, C4d Cache?

                  1.5 green for Archiving recent project or exports



                  128 GB ssd = 0s+ apps = pfile

                  500 GB = project + media

                  3 x 1TB = Media caches + Exports and Previews

                  90 GB SSD = dedicated AE, Motion, C4d Cache?

                  1.5 TB green = archiving


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                    grug73 Level 1

                    Dear CC merchant, thanks for the article but still confused, because all of this seems very WINDOWS related, because your recommendation stem from having also all the same drives in the system.  If that was the case with my situation i would not bother to ask. I've added the two other drives to my system  to measure their speed and in case they are needed for new set up.


                    a) is pagefile a mac concern?

                    b) Why would a raid 0 hurt project files, if it's also recommended for a raid 3/5 set up?  is it just because of redundance issues striclty or because of other issues? Please advise with my current set up as i need to start on this RED project soon hence reorganize the drives set up for space media managing convenience and speed.


                    - Do I do 3 x 1 tb with mixed hdd's 2 wd blues + 1 TB Green knowing there is a cache difference between the green and the blue but no size difference (yes i know it's a risk but i have 6 gb of external drives to back up to)


                    or 2 separate Raid 0 one with the blues and one with the greens knowing the one with greens will be done of a 1TB partition from the 1.5 TB green and the 1 TB green.  Would this be a less risky and more balance to have two raid 0 instead of one.


                    And if the second scenario is doable, why not 4 x 1tb raid 0 with mixed drive config 2 blues two green  (i have enoug ext drives to back up) as a temporary structure for this project.


                    What about the dedicated 90 GB ssd for AE cache (and or other motion 3d software) Good idean? 90 GB enough?


                    From adobe white paper hardware

                    Preferred is a four-drive system, with one dedicated to the operating system and software, the second for source media and project files, the third for the media cache, and the fourth for previews and exports.


                    System I5-3570k (4.2 oc), z77-ud5h mobo, 16 Gb low latency 1600 mhz Ram, radeon hd sapphire 4870, 


                    Recap of drives available:


                    1 x SSD 1 128 GB = W/R speed 498

                    1 x 90 GB SSD =  not tested yet waiting to see if i resell or if usefull for dedicated cache

                        on sata 6 ports


                    1 x 500 GB Seagate sata II = W/R speed 128  

                    2 x 1 TB WD Blue sata 6 (64 Gb chahce) = W/R speed raid 0 = 325

                    1 x 1 TB WD Green Sata 3 (32 cache) = solo W/R speed 84

                       on sata 3  ports

                    1 x 1.5 TB WD Green Sata 3 (32 Cache) =  R/W Speed  = 84

                        on g-sata port

                    Apps used : CS6 (Premiere, AE, speed Grade) + FCPX + motion + c4d  (eventualy Resolve lite at least)


                    C: OS/Programs

                    D: Projects

                    E: Cache/Scratch

                    F: Media

                    E: Preview / Exports


                    In this do you mean to combine cahce scratch previews and exports in raid 0 since you have two E drives or was it a typo?


                    I know the graphics card is my bottle neck still it's 1 GB vram and 256 so as long as i CC with speed grade i'm ok no davinci yet or (resolve Lite) untill I get something like the gtx 650 ti boost.


                    After that contract i'll be able to upgrade my drives to a better set-up (or raid 3/5), ,controller card ) but I have to do with what I have for now.