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    Ideal Codec for Premiere Pro on a Mac?


      Hi - I'm getting some old home movies on tapes converted into a format that I can edit on Premiere Pro CS3. What format and codec should I ask for? I have a Mac.

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          cscooper2013 Level 2

          That's a project you'll be happy to have done;  And you'll want to do it right the first time.


          I'm on Windows and recently archived 20 years of personal home recordings from VHS, 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8.  If I were editing on a Mac I would choose .MOV as "DV" (4:3) or "DV Widescreen" (16:9), as appropriate.  On Windows the more appropriate codec is AVI.  But whether on Mac (.mov) or PC (.avi), you want to choose the "DV" or "DV Widescreen" profile.  Many VHS-to-DVD shops don't handle archival conversions well.  They merely do Mpeg2 conversions for DVD, or they'll give you the Mpeg2 file (not good for editing).  If the shop doing your conversions has Premiere Pro, all they need to do is capture the footage in Premiere Pro.  I believe (but could be wrong) that doing this on a Mac automatically creates an .mov file, while doing this on Windows creates the apropriate .avi file (or maybe it was a option I had to select; I don't remember). 


          I hope that helps.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If your Mac has a Firewire port, you may do this yourself with a product from http://www.grassvalley.com/products/converters