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    Enterprise multiserver option missing during install



      I've been asked to install Coldfusion 10 Enterprise on a server.

      We have a Coldfusion 10 Enterprise upgrade key.

      I'm having a hard time to find a place at adobe.com to downlaod the install file.

      Finally I downloaded the trial, hoping it would also be the enterprise version after entering the key.

      From previous installation documentation of our Coldfusion 8 and 9 servers, during installation, after the screen where the serial is eneterd, I expected to get a screen where I can choose 1.Server configuration 2. Enterprise multiserver configuration or 3. J2EE configuration.

      With the downloaded ColdFusion_10_WWEJ_win64.exe I only get the choices Server and JEE.

      Do I have the wrong download, or is the Enterprise option left away in the Installation wizard?