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    CQ 5.6.0 to 5.6.1 upgrade failing on Tomcat7 restart


      All - wanted to know if anybody is having a similar experience in upgrading from CQ (AEM) 5.6 to 5.6.1, and whether you could suggest a remedy.


      The problem we're having with 5.6.1 can be replicated easily on an AWS Linux instance installing a fresh 5.6.1 installation (i.e. bypassing any upgrade that would happen by installing 5.6.0 first) and following the instructions provided by AEM at https://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/deploying/installing_cq.html#Tomcat%207. Steps to replicate:

      1. [OK] Launch a fresh AWS Linux installation using the latest AMI provided by Amazon
      2. [OK] Install Oracle Java (1.7.0_25) and Tomcat 7 (7.0.40 - which is the latest version provided by Amazon); Tomcat 7 is configured to use oracle Java
      3. [OK] Follow the instructions provided to configure tomcat7 and AEM author
      4. [OK] Visit the login page on the AEM author - this works
      5. [OK] Stop tomcat7
      6. [OK] Start tomcat7
      7. [FAIL] Visit the login page on the AEM author - this hangs, telneting to the HTTP port used by tomcat doesn't connect

      So basically everything is fine until you restart Tomcat. The same behaviour is observed when doing an upgrade - so doing an inplace upgrade from 5.6.0 to 5.6.1 succeeds but breaks when the tomcat service is restarted.


      All comments warmly received. Thanks