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    Formatting issues

      My client is having the following issue when editing his website with Contribute:

      "As soon as I try to edit a page, the menu directly under "Publish" which says "Normal" changes to "text." At that point, everything gets wierd. If I try to change a letter, it changes the letter four spaces over instead. If I change "text" back to "normal" it changes the font and print size of the bottom three lines. If I try going into the Format menu at the top and try changing font and size back and the style back to normal, I can't do it. If I change font and size, the style changes to text. If I change text to normal, the font and print size change. It acts just like a schizophrenogenic parent.

      Even if I adjust the print size, font, etc on the edit page formatting menu before I start working, everything changes as soon as I use my cursor. The print size changes to 9 and my commands act on the letter four spaces to the right of my cursor. The reason I changed from text to normal is because that was the only way to make the cursor behave rationally. But as I said, all the formatting changes automatically when I do that, and I can't get a functional cursor and the correct formatting at the same time. So something is wrong."

      He is working on a Mac. I am working with Windows and am not having this problem. Any suggestions as to what is causing this? Thanks.

      I've attached the coding for my style.css file to this message.