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    PP Shows Error on Boot Up

    Vericle Inc

      I recently changed computers at work. I deactivated my Adobe CC account on the old machine and loged in on the new one. All my other apps(Illustrator and Photoshop) work fine.



      Whenever I boot up Premire Pro it gives me an error box stating:

      "Premiere Pro has encountered an error.






      The error used to be "PropertiesImpl.cpp-595" until I modified to 'Run as Administrator.'



      If I click 'Continue' it crashes, if I don't click continue PP seems to run okay anyway(for now).



      Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1(105)

      Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

      HP SmartTouch 520-1070


      I found similar problem here but none of those solutions worked for me.


      I attached a screenshot of what happens on bootup. Screen1.gif


      EDIT: On a side note it seems none of my hotkeys work(Crtl + S for example doesn't save and Spacebar doesn't Play/Pause). Not sure if relevant...